art direction, web design, video

The luxury brand Agnona represents a refined and modern woman inspired by the timeless elegance of the Italian heritage. Characterized by the high skill craftsmanship of garments and quality the brand is deeply rooted to the Italian high sartorial skills.
Socialrise Agnona
Concurrently with the appointment of the new creative director, Simon Holloway, we were called to shoot some digital content for their movie "Closing In" directed by Fernando Cito Filomarino and model Malgosia Bela. We designed the web page for the project and we shoot some BTS.
Socialrise Agnona
The style adheres to the fashion house pure and classic legacy highlighting every details of the collection.
We also collaborated for their collection's lookbook where we wanted to create something different by shooting short videos to be published on their social media.

Via F. Turati, 40
20121 - Milano